Angel Cop box cover


Available on VHS and DVD from Manga Entertainment.
OAV Series: 6 episodes on 1 VHS tape or 1 DVD
30 minutes per episode
Version I Watched: English dubbed
Objectionable Content: Brief nudity, extreme violence, excessive profanity

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Angel Cop

Looking at the video box, you'd probably figure that this series is nothing more than a mindless shoot-em-up with little in the way of a decent story or character development. At least that's what I figured. Yet, it is a little more than a simple "kill everything that moves" pyrotechnic excuse for an anime. For a little while, anyway.

The story begins with a terrorist organization (known as the Red May) is threatening Japanese society. A specialized group of anti-terrorist operatives must uncover the secrets behind this organization and eliminate it. There is a decent amount of intrigue in the early goings and I had high hopes that this wouldn't become a pure splatter-fest. My hopes were dashed, however, when the violence level began escalating, and by the third episode, all sanity had been thrown out the window. The latter half of this series is an all-out war against the main villain once they have been identified. Unfortunately, this is where the story gets lost in exchange for oodles of violence. The action scenes were quite good, but we only get the occasional reminder of the main plot. I did enjoy the fact that the villain wasn't dispatched with the "hit her in her weak spot" cliche. It actually felt like the characters were struggling to defeat her, as they launched assault after assault.

The art and animation is of above average quality. The voice acting ranged from poor to decent, but an excessive amount of swearing was dubbed in. Is it really necessary to remind us how tough these people are by how obscene they can be?

If you're in the mood for lots of violence with a somewhat decent story line, then Angel Cop is what you're looking for.

The Verdict: * * * (average)