Dirty Pair Flash box cover


Available on VHS and DVD from A.D. Vision.
OAV Series: 6 episodes on 3 VHS tapes or 1 DVD
30 minutes per episode
Action/Science Fiction
Version I Watched: English dubbed
Objectionable Content: Violence

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Dirty Pair Flash

First off, let me say that I am a big fan of the Dirty Pair manga. After being disappointed by one of the original Dirty Pair anime, I was a little bit hesitant in renting this updated version of the destructive duo.

The first thing any Dirty Pair fan will notice is the obvious physical differences between the old and the new. My initial reaction was, "Kei! What did they *do* to you?!?". The new versions are a bit less sexy than before (less skin) and a little cuter. Yuri has purple hair instead of the old blue look, and Kei is sporting a spiky flame-colored style.

One thing that really irked me were the changes to Yuri's personality. Yuri is supposed to be the more rational and intelligent half of the two (although that doesn't lower her ability for mass carnage). In DP Flash it seems they simply split Kei's original personality (hot tempered party girl) in half. Kei is still hot-headed and violent, but now Yuri is a whiny airhead who cares more about boys than her job! At least near the end of the series she starts to realize that she *is* an airhead, and begins undergoing a minor personality change.

This series starts out very wacky, setting the tone early. It is somewhat funny, though I found it was too silly at times (partially due to Yuri's grating personality). The action is somewhat scaled back compared to earlier incarnations of the the Dirty Pair. They don't commit genocidal mass destruction (at least not for a little while). For example, during one fight Yuri uses her light-sabre thingee to disrobe her attackers instead of killing them. There is some slightly more graphic violence and blood later on, but I was hoping for more killing given the reputation these girls have garnished for themselves.

The art and animation provides a decent amount of eye-candy. The animation isn't super smooth, but it's not too bad. The dubbing was generally good. Some of the minor characters sounded odd, but the voice actors for Kei and Yuri did a good job of conveying their respective personalities.

This isn't quite what I was hoping for in a Dirty Pair anime, but it proves to be somewhat entertaining, more-so in the later episodes. If you're a Dirty Pair fan, or enjoy watching scantily-clad anime babes (you know who you are), then you probably should give this series a try.

The Verdict: * * * (average)