Iczer-1 box cover


Out of print.
OAV Series: 3 episodes on 2 VHS tapes
30-40 minutes per episode
Science Fiction/Action
Version I Watched: English dubbed
Objectionable Content: Violence, nudity, suggestive situations

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Ick. Iczer-1 tries to combine a variety of anime staples including giant mecha action and horror, and rolls it together with the ubiquitous "irritating girls must save the planet" plot line. However, anything even remotely redeeming is shot down thanks to some lame action, a paper-thin plot, and some truly awful character designs.

The story is very simply presented. Aliens attack Earth, yada-yada, and an unwilling heroine, Nagisa, is chosen to defeat them by an alien girl called "Iczer-1". Excuse me if I don't sound overly excited. Unfortunately, Iczer-1 follows the "us versus them" formula right down to the letter. It's worth noting that there are some decent horror elements involving some really ugly monsters, but basically there's not much new here to warrant watching.

The characters were downright irritating. The main character, Nagisa, goes down in my books as the single worst character design ever. It took only about five minutes after being introduced to her before I started foaming at the mouth and uttering "Die, Nagisa, die!". That may be a slight exaggeration (emphasis on slight), but she was so whiney and annoying that I don't know how *anyone* could have rooted for her. The English voice acting didn't help and for the most part it was pretty atrocious.

The action sequences were pretty trite. It's your typical "gotta make a stand for humanity" stuff, where the heroes overcome insurmountable odds to prevail. Of course, when they're fighting opponents with names like "Big Gold" I wonder how these girls kept their composure. The action is a mix of giant mecha battles and regular hand-to-hand stuff, but it's all pretty uninspiring nonetheless, especially since I hated the characters. There's just one thing really bothering me. Why the heck did the girls have to be naked to pilot those mecha?!? If you ask me, I'd rather be safely clothed in case something went wrong and I had to bail out. Yeesh.

Iczer-1 is irritating, pointless, and boring. Unless you really, really love mecha anime, then don't even consider watching this title.

The Verdict: * 1/2 (very poor)