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M.D. Geist box cover


Available on VHS and DVD from U.S. Manga Corps.
45 minutes
Action/Science Fiction
Version I Watched: Subtitled in English
Objectionable Content: Graphic violence, brief nudity

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M.D. Geist

M.D. Geist has a bit of a reputation as being one of the worst anime ever made. I guess I watched based on the curiosity of seeing how bad it actually could be (yes, it's a stupid reason). So how bad was it? Just keep reading...

I'm a bit partial to the whole "post-apocalyptic" theme and began watching this movie with an open mind. In the distant future, the world has been decimated by war. A super-soldier by the name of Geist has been locked on an orbital satellite because he was deemed too dangerous to exist on the planet. Of course, no one counted on him returning to Earth. I actually found it somewhat entertaining for about the first ten minutes. Once Geist makes his return to Earth things spiraled downwards.

The entire plot is simply an excuse for oodles of violence. Geist himself is an unfeeling super-soldier on a vendetta, and he decides to extract his revenge via mass carnage. So it doesn't take long before the bodies start piling up and I was regretting ever having heard of this title. The "ending" is, well, not really an ending. It's as if the writers realized this was going nowhere and said, "The hell with it."

There are no likable characters to be found here. If you're feeling a bit maniacal you might want to cheer for Geist, but since he's so one-dimensional and shallow, what's the point? There is very little in the way of character development here, period.

If the action had been entertaining then this movie might've had a saving grace. Alas, it's boring, repetitive, and poorly animated. Speaking of animation, M.D. Geist features some of the most out-of-sync voice acting I've seen. And this is the original Japanese version, too! The only thing worth mentioning is the Geist armor does look pretty cool, and I can sort of see why U.S. Manga Corps used it as their logo.

So does M.D. Geist deserve its reputation? You bet it does. While it may not be the worst anime I've ever seen, it's still a stinker nonetheless.

The Verdict: * 1/2 (very poor)